Five Cleaning Up Hacks For Work at Home Moms

Are you ready for a cleaning up palooza? Spring cleaning? Whatever you like to call it? Haha. Many of these tips I have learned over the last decade and implement them when I’m feeling behind or need to save time!

Microwave Cleaning Hack

I want to preface this one and say to use extreme caution. Microwaveable dishes only and you may want to use oven mitts when removing the dish. To easy remove build up and grim, microwave a cup of water with a splash of vinegar for roughly 2 minutes. Then wipe down the inside with a wet rag. It should sparkle! However, if you have excess build up, you may need to use a spray cleaner as well.

Stinky Sink Trick

If you are cleaning up your sink and notice a smell coming from the drain you can pour fresh squeezed lemon juice or orange juice to de-odorized. Firstly, pour baking soda into the sink and then pour warm water down the drain. Secondly, pour the fresh squeezed juice and let it sit for a while. After you rinse out the sink, it should smell fresh! Then you can use the leftover rinds to make a quick potpourri if you’d like! So organized, don’t you think?

Freshen Up Throws

From time to time, you will want to freshen up the blanket throws around your house. If you toss them in the dryer it will help kill germs. However, this will give you static cling. To combat that, toss in a wet hand towel to keep the static at bay.

Cleaning Up The Fridge Hack

Ugh, cleaning out the fridge can be the worst! I try to do a quick wipe down each week when we get groceries. Remove whatever is inside your fridge. Use wet wipes to wipe down the shelves. Add a small dish of baking powder to leave inside to help with weird fridge smells.

Pet Hair Trick

If you have pets, the shedding may be driving you crazy. You can use dryer sheets to rub down the base boards (i use a broom to run it along) and it will help keep pet hair from building up.

Happy Cleaning!

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