Work From Home: Money Making Ideas For Teens

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Teens love having extra money for the weekends! It’s a good idea to help them find work from home jobs. Today, I’m sharing a few simple ideas for teens to work from home and make money online.

Sell Unwanted Items at Consignment Sales

This is such a fantastic way for teens to make money on unwanted items. Most consignment sales allow for youth items which often includes: backpacks, sports equipment, clothes, shoes, movies, etc.

You simply clean up your items, enter them into the consignment data base and then price the items according to the sales guidelines.

Simple do a quick search online to find the best consignment sales in your area! The earning potential here is pretty great.

Make Money With a Blog

Blogging is for anyone including teens. With parental supervision, your teen could learn the basics of starting a blog, search engine optimization and more. Not only is this in incredible learning opportunity, but it would look amazing on their transcript.

Personally, I love this option, because it allows them to from work anywhere! You can read my step by step guide here!

Make Money Using Swagbucks

Teens can make money using Swagbucks. It’s one of the quickest ways to earn free gift cards and so much more. You can earn money when researching school projects, playing games and answer easy surveys.

Honestly, it’s just a great way to make money for anyone! You can use my link here to sign up and it’s FREE!

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