How To Make Money as a New Blogger

Are you ready to start earning an income with your blog, but not sure where to start?

Today, I’m sharing a quick tips on how to diversify your web site and ways to start earning money right away. As always, I’m simply sharing what has worked for me and I hope that it works for you, too!

First Things First: Set Up A Worpress Blog Through SiteGround or another web host. This allows you to have complete control over your blog. This is crucial for standing apart in a sea of bloggers!

  1. It shows you are serious about blogging!
  2. You have ultimate control over settings, designs, SEO, etc.
  3. You are able to monetize (make money) with your site much easier.

If you haven’t completed this step, check out my tutorial here.

Now, on to the good stuff!

How To Make Money As A Beginner Blogger

Once your web site is set up, you have a few posts going, you will want to start applying to participate with influencer campaigns. This means you will sign up to possibly review brands, write product essays, etc.

NOTE: A lot of people skip this step thinking they need thousands of page views. Not always! A lot of influencer platforms will take in your social status as a whole. Meaning, they will not only be looking at your blog, but also your social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Even the amount of followers on Pinterest will be taken into account.

Personally, I would check out the following programs:

  • Fohr
  • The Sway
  • Heartbeat

More Ways To Make Money As A New Blogger

Another easy way to start increasing your income as a new blogger is to set up ads. There are many ad networks to choose from. Google Adsense being one of the most well known and probably the easiest to join.

You can also read about my newbie journey here where I share how I made money with my blog.

Sell A Blog Service That You Can Offer

Another idea is to sell a service that you are proficient at. For example, you may be whiz at Pinterest and understand Pinterest Marketing. You could set up a side gig helping other bloggers share their best pins! Or maybe you are a graphic designer and could help with Pin designs! Here’s a few ideas:

  • Create Blog Headers or Pin Designs For Bloggers
  • Offer Stock Photos or Photo Editing For Bloggers
  • Offer Social Media Management

Final Thoughts On Your New Blog Journey

When it comes to bogging, the sky is the limit. The trick is to diversify your blog with multiple streams of income right away. That way you can find which avenue works best for you and work from there. I made my first $50 by working this angle from the very beginning.

Also, check out this article on Three Things To Do Before You Start a Blog!

Happy Blogging!

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