Journal Entry Ideas For Bullet Journals

Journal Entry Ideas For Your Bullet Journals

Anyone who needs an outlet to put ideas on paper and to document life knows that creating a journal entry is one of the simplest solutions.

Journaling has many benefits that includes stress relief, brain boost, creative outlet and more.

Today, we are going to share journal entry ideas for bullet journals or even traditional journals. I know many people never give journaling a second thought because they think they do not have the time. When, in reality, it only takes a few minutes each day. Set your timer for five minutes during your quiet time and let the words flow. You may find it be a great healing activity for your life!

What Should I Write About In My Journal?

What you write about in your bullet journal is entirely up to you, but I would recommend focusing on topics that make you happy. This will help give you a boost of encouragement as you write. On the flip side, you could also journal about things that upset you to provide a venting outlet for stress relief. The choice is yours!

Good Journal Entry Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

  • Scripture references and application.
  • Feelings, emotions.
  • Favorite childhood memories.
  • Favorite Holiday memories.
  • Traditions that make you happy.
  • Lists of your favorite things.
  • Things that you enjoy cooking or baking.
  • Memories from your first dates and honeymoon.
  • Financial decisions and goals.
  • Budget goals.
  • Vacation memories.
  • People that inspire you.
  • Quotes that encourage and inspire you.
  • Gratitude and blessings.
  • Hobbies that bring you peace.
  • Job or College goals.
  • Dream home updates and repairs.
  • Your thoughts from the day.
  • Your favorite books and literature quotes.
  • Your favorite movies and movie lines.
  • Ideas for your family.

Use The Above Journal Entry Ideas As A Starting Point

These are just simple journal entry ideas to give you a starting point. You may find once you start journaling about one subject that a plethora of new ideas will come your way.

Journal Entry Example

For me, I love to write in my gratitude journal whenever I feel discouraged. It helps me to refocus and ground myself. Here’s a journal entry example of what I might write:

“I’m thankful for new ideas and direction with my personal dreams. I’m thankful for quality family time after a long week.”

As you can see, journaling does not have to be over the top. It can be a simple statement or reflection. The entire goal is to get you writing and learning to find joy in the process.

My Top Recommendation For Journal Entry Ideas

Now that you have a list of ideas, I would recommend starting with one or two journal entries that stood out to you. Buy a journal that you really love or just use an empty notebook. Getting started is the first step to success with bullet journals!

Do you journal? What is your favorite topic to write about?

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