Bucket List For Your Family: Things To Do This Spring Break

The weather is starting to warm where we are which means spring is looming around the bend! I love watching the trees bud and listening to the birds each morning. Spring is such a breath of fresh air after the long cold months where we live!

Last year, I created a family bucket list for fall activities and decided to make a spring bucket list, too. Family traditions are such an important part of family culture that I wanted to implement them for the spring season and Easter Holiday!

Tip: Whenever you set out to create a bucket list, include your kids! Let them know that this will be a special family time. When you prepare kids for outings like this they tend to be more engaged and excited about the idea!

8 Ideas For Things To Do This Spring Break

  • Visit A Daffodil Festival: These festivals are usually a fun place to mingle, take pictures, sample fun foods and take a bouquet of flowers home! In our area, these tend to take place in March or April.
  • Try A New Egg Painting Trick: Dying eggs for Easter are such a fun activity, but this year, try a new decorating trick. Maybe watercolor the eggs, instead!
  • Go For A Drive in the Country: Spring is the perfect time to roll down the windows and go for a long drive. Vivaldi’s Spring comes to mind for music!
  • Visit A Local Gardens: Do you have a garden area that offers special spring festivals? My favorite is attending the tulip festival and a local master Gardner area.
  • Plant a garden or pot of flowers: This is such a great learning opportunity for the kids. Plant vegetables or flowers together!
  • Go Hiking: It’s a great time of year to be out and about with your family in nature. I love going to the mountains this time of year for stunning views of lush greens and riverscapes.
  • Go On A Nature Walk: Does your community offer a nature trail? Let your kids collect nature items and take pictures of current blooms. It could easily turn into a great science lesson!
  • Pick Berries: Berry picking can change depending on your area, but strawberries are typically available for picking in our area during the late spring. Which makes me think its a great excuse for making a Strabwerry Pie!

Do you have a favorite spring family tradition? I would love to hear about it!

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