2020 Frugal Living Challenge To Help You Save Money

You must be on fire for personal finances and frugal living if you are here!! I’m so glad, because I love meeting other folks that love saving money!

I’ll be sharing a few of my absolute best frugal living tips to help you save money and live out your dreams!!

Frugal Living Tips For Families

One area that is a sure fire way to guarantee success with saving money is to get your kids on board! Let them pick out a coin jar or piggy bank and let them start learning how to save up for items that they may want. Oh, and for frugal tips: the dollar store usually has piggy banks!

Frugal Living Tips For Rainy Days

I love having money stashed away for those rainy day needs. Maybe you’ve got cabin fever and want to see a movie? Well, for those occasional outings I like to keep a large jar of coins in my closet. We cash it in for special family outings, date nights or random day trips. This allows us for flexibility and yet we don’t have to dip into our regular budget.

Frugal Living Tips For Higher Education

Are you worried about college or higher education for your kids? It’s never too late to start saving. Talk to your local bank about setting up a savings account for your kids and figure out the best method for putting money aside. You can do something as simple as $10 a month put int their accounts. Or maybe use part of their birthday money each year to set aside. Every single dollar that you save will help out tremendously in the long run.

Frugal Living Tips For Creating A List of Household Budget Needs

I talk about creating a household list of budget needs here. Having a budget is one of the most important and crucial aspects of creating a frugal home. A budget keeps you on track and motivated for long term success!

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Happy budgeting!


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