Teaching Kids That Kindness Matters

A few months ago, I decided to touch on a topic with my kids: kindness matters. It’s so crucial for kids to be taught empathy and kindness. In a world where cruelty and rudeness are often highlighted, I wanted an open ended conversation to begin in our home.

How We Are Teaching Kindness Matters

The first thing that I realized is that having regular conversations about kindness made a huge impact on my kids. Each morning, during our routines we talk about simple ways we are going to be kind to one another. Having an open dialogue allows them to communicate to me instances where someone has been hurtful to them and how they responded.

Make Your Home A Safe Place

If your children come to you with a situation where they may not have responded in kind allow it to be done so in a “safe place”. You can empathize with them and help them problem solve. You may have your own stories to share to help them relate.

Have A Kindness Matters Game

Every once in a while, host a family “Kindness Matters” game. Give your kids assignments to choose from: smile at a stranger, share a special treat, give a toy to someone in need, make someone laugh, etc. At the end of the week, compare notes and ask your children how they felt. Exchange your stories and take note on their responses.

How are you teaching your children that kindness matters?

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3 thoughts on “Teaching Kids That Kindness Matters”

  1. I definitely agree that talking to your kids frequently about kindness is key. And modeling behavior! Sometimes on a hard day I think about how I’ve talked to my kids and treated them and I’m not surprised that they struggled because they were just modeling my bahavior.

  2. Talking about kindness frequently is so important and showing the kids how to be kind is a daily thing. It can be hard and we all make mistakes, but part of being kind is asking for forgiveness and giving it to others when they mess up.

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