Travel Safety Tips

It’s important to be prepared while traveling with your family. Travel safety tips helps you to stay calm, stress less, and enjoy vacation time with your family!

How To Travel With Kids

One of the best tips I’ve received over the years is to travel with an open mind. You may have an idea on how the trip will go, but know that circumstances can change or you may need to re-think certain aspects of your trip once you arrived. Remember that the most important thing is to have fun and make memories!

Travel Safety Tips For Family Vacation

Going on your first plane ride or big road trip with kids can be nerve wrecking, but it shouldn’t be.

Prepare your family ahead of time with this simple list:

  • Have a way to keep your kids with you at all times. We choose to bring a light stroller with us. This was an easy way to keep up with the kids and not let them chance walking off! Some of my friends choose to have an armband leash that attaches from child to parent. With older kids, just have a daily conversation of what is expected of them.
  • Keep hand sanitizer and wipes for when you have lay overs or pit stops. You can wipe down tables, chairs and create a safe place for your kids to play and relax.
  • Keep an emergency kit on your carry on or traveling purse. Band-aids, children’s medicine, alcohol wipes are great for your kits. I buy mine at the local Dollar Tree.
  • Check with the airports you will be traveling through to learn protocols, layouts, restaurants, etc. If you know this ahead of time, you will not be stressing about where to go once you land, etc.
  • Have 24 Hours worth of supplies packed on your carry on. In the off chance you get separated from your luggage, you can comfortably take care of your family overnight until your luggage is secured.
  • If your children have travel anxiety or motion sickness, talk to your doctor about options to make their travel experience easier.
  • Consider packing travel Lysol cans to spray your hotel once you have arrived.
  • Try to have emergency numbers written down where everyone in the family can access them. I keep emergency tags on our luggage. You may also want to keep them in your wallet, purse, etc.

More Tip For Traveling With Kids

If you are looking for more safety travel and tips for family vacations, check out this post on Traveling With Kids.

Travel Safety

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