Nature Walk I Spy Ideas For Kids

If you are looking for ways to get out of the house and still have a fun learning experience, consider going on a nature walk while playing “I Spy” With the kids.

You can give them a list of items to track down while out walking around your neighborhood or on an approved nature trail!

10 Ideas For Playing I Spy on a Nature Walk

  • A Flower
  • A Leaf
  • A Specific tree (Pine, Palm Willow, etc)
  • A Large Rock
  • A Hanging Plant
  • Specific Colored Front Doors
  • A Large Garden
  • A Rose Bush
  • Holiday Decor (Front Door Wreath, Yard Blow Ups, etc)
  • Moss

Have you gone on a nature walk paying “I Spy” before? If so, what items did you spot?

For more fun with kids, check out list of 25 Fun Kids activities!

Fun For Kids

Flower Coloring Sheet FREE Download

Check out this fun free Flower Coloring Sheet!

Download your copy as a fun freebie for those long days at home or for when you need to de-stress a little. Perfect for kids, teens or even mom!

Flower Coloring Sheet

You can download your free copy here!

Flower Coloring Sheet

More printables here:

Also, if you are looking for other fun printables, check these out below:

Simple Pantry Meal Plans

With many families home this week making dinner using simple pantry items, I thought I would share quick ideas on how to create dinners using pantry items.

Breakfast Ideas

  • Oatmeal: Cook according to package. Mix in ideas: nuts, Chocolate chips, or even jelly to sweeten if you are out of sugar.
  • Granola: Bake 1 cup oats, 1 cup nuts, 1 cup coconut, 1/2 Cup honey at 350 or until the mixture is golden brown. Great with fruit or yogurt!

Lunch Ideas

  • Black Bean Nachos: Rinse and drain a can of black beans. Heat on the stove until a low boil starts. Remove from heat and pour over tortilla chips. Sprinkle with cheese and bake at 350 until the cheese has melted.
  • Black Bean Soup: Heat 1 can of black beans (rinsed) and 1 can of rotel. Add taco seasoning to taste. Top with sour cream, cheese, etc.
  • White Bean Soup: Heat two cans of white beans with 1 cup chicken broth. and 1 can chicken (shredded). Season with salt and pepper. Serve with sour cream or cheddar cheese.

Dinner Ideas

  • Simple Alfredo: This recipe is made with heavy cream, butter and cheese. You can find the full recipe here.
  • 5 Can Taco Soup: All it takes is five cans to make this creamy soup! Check out the recipe here.

Do you have any favorite recipes to share?

5 Can Chicken Enchilada Soup

I love Tex-Mex food. Give me all the tacos and enchiladas…better yet, give it to me in soup form! This chicken enchilada soup recipe is so easy, anyone can make it! It’s creamy and can easily be adjusted for heat preference…we love our spice around here!

5 Can Chicken Enchilada Soup

  • 1 Can Chicken, Shredded
  • 1 Can Rotel or Diced Tomatos, drained
  • 1 Can of Pinto Beans or White Beans, drained
  • 1 Can Chicken Broth
  • 1 Can Corn, drained**
  • 3 Tablespoons Taco Seasoning
  • Salt & Pepper to taste

In a medium saucepan, heat ingredients until boiling. Reduce heat and let it simmer until the broth has reduced. About 10 to 15 minutes.

Ladle soup into bowls with 1 tsp of sour cream. Stir the cream into your soup until creamy. Add cheese, corn chips, avacados…even a dash of hot sauce!

**For a thicker soup, use half the broth.

Chicken Enchilada Soup

If you like your soup with added kick: Add 1 teaspoon of chili powder or lime chili powder. We love to top ours with jalapenos!

Creative Writing Prompts

Check out this list of writing prompts! This is a great way to de-stress and get your emotions on to paper!

21 Writing Prompts

Here’s a simple list of 21 ideas to get you writing. Try to work through this list one day at a time or even mix up the ideas! You’ll be surprised at how much you have to write about each tops.

  1. Write About Your Favorite School Memory
  2. Write About Your Goals
  3. Write About Your Favorite Holiday
  4. Share insight on people who have changed your life
  5. Share a list of your favorite things
  6. Share your top favorite colors
  7. Share a memory from your favorite vacation
  8. List your favorite ice cream flavors
  9. List your favorite books in order
  10. List your favorite movies
  11. “When this month is over I plan too…”
  12. “When I talk to my spouse I feel…”
  13. “When I go for a walk I like to look for…”
  14. “When I travel I like to collect…”
  15. Try writing a poem
  16. Try writing rhyming words only
  17. Try writing only three words per line
  18. List things that make you happy
  19. List things that make you sad
  20. List things that make you angry
  21. List things that make you excited

Which journal prompt do you think you will start with? Share below! Also, be sure to check out our post on bullet journaling for more ideas!

Happy journaling!

writing prompts creative

Preschool Activities For Learning At Home

I love teaching preschool activities to my kids. When we were foster parents, I also had the privilege to teach preschool at home for a few months. Scouring resources and coming up with learning activities are my wheelhouse! You don’t have to have special curriculum to get started either-you can just use items around your house!

Teach Preschoolers Responsibility

Preschool aged children love being trusted and being given responsibility. It helps satisfy their new taste for independence and keeps them busy. A few easy ways to teach responsibility through preschool activities:

  • Give them a rag to help dust furniture.
  • Let them hand wash any of your plastic dishes.
  • Teach them the basics of making their bed (they will need help!)
  • Let them sweep or swiffer the floors
  • Set a timer to let them pick up toys when it’s time to go to bed.

Preschool Development with Sensory Activities

Sensory learning is crucial for preschool development! It helps them with fine motor skills, building confidence and so much more. You don’t need the latest wooden toys, either. You can use items around the house!

  • Fill a bowl with black beans or rice. Hide small age appropriate toys for the kids to find! Kind of like the game “I Spy” but with sensory bins!
  • Fill a bucket with water and let them wash some of their plastic toys
  • Fill a bowl with shaving cream or whipped cream and let them play in it for a few minutes. Will it make a mess? Yep! But, they will remember it for years to come.
  • Try making homemade play dough or slime. There are tons of recipes out there!
  • Fill a bow with ice cubes. Let the kids touch the ice cubes. Ask them how it feels. Can they name the appropriate term “Cold”?
  • Have the kids count a bag of cotton balls or pom poms!

Preschool Activities For Art

Art in preschool is the best! There are so many creative ways to teach kids the importance of art. It boosts morale, gives them a creative outlet among other things!

  • Take a piece of paper to a tree and let the kids slide the color back and forth. It will make a unique design, plus it doubles as sensory learning!
  • Try painting with cotton balls to make polka dots!
  • Watercolor painting is a great calming activity.
  • Drawing with chalk outside is always a great art project!
  • Utilize the plethora of Art Classes hosted online! A quick google search should give you tons of ideas!

Other things to Teach Preschool Kids

  • Shapes
  • Colors
  • Numbers
  • Letters
  • Site Words
  • Rhymes
  • Storytelling (Ask them to tell you a story based on a word: Pig, Cow, Etc.
  • Animal Names
  • Difference between night and day
  • Lyrics To Kids Songs (BIBLE, Old MacDonald, etc)

Read To Your Preschooler

Many teachers and education experts agree that reading to your children is a huge benefit and one of the most important things you can do for your child’s education. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Read while they eat breakfast
  • Listen to audio books while going for a drive
  • Listen to audio books while cleaning
  • Read to Them Before Quiet Time
  • Read to Them Before Bedtime

Free Printables For Preschoolers

Take advantage of free printables for preschoolers! It’s a great boredom buster and kids feel accomplished when they complete them! Types of printables you can look for:

  • Number Sheets
  • Letter Sheets
  • Copy Sheets (Copying words like Cat or Dog)
  • Coloring Sheets
  • Dot to Dot Drawing Sheets

Check out our free resources for printables and homeschooling here!

Have Fun With Your Preschooler

While homeschooling your preschool remember to have FUN! We’ve got a list of 25 Fun Activities For Your Kids!

Information meant for learning purposes only! I am not an education expert or teacher. Just a homeschool mom on a mission to share along the way!

Share this post if you found the information useful! 🙂

Preschool Activities For Kids

Self Care Tips For Moms

Self care is so important! We all need it to stay positive and sane.

Between rainy weather (it has been endless around here!) and many in self-isolation, it’s important to take care of yourself. As moms, we are often running to and fro and need time to settle down and take care of ourselves.

List of Self Care Tips For Moms

  1. Have quiet time
  2. Take a bath
  3. Learn a new yoga pose
  4. Give yourself a manicure
  5. Give yourself a pedicure
  6. Take time for an at home facial
  7. Pluck your eyebrows
  8. Read a book or magazine
  9. Read inspiring quotes
  10. Listen to classical music
  11. Learn a new word in another language
  12. Write down your goals
  13. Go for a walk
  14. Stretch and take deep breaths
  15. Deep condition your hair

Do you follow any of these? Share them below!

self care ideas

Fun Activities For Kids: Over 25 Ideas!

Are you home bound due to weather? Or simply looking for fun activities for kids? Check out our list of fun things to do with kids + free printables!

Fun Things To Do at Home with Kids!

Staying home doesn’t have to be boring! Make a list of these fun activities for kids and post it on your fridge. Whenever they say, “I’m bored!” direct them to this list!

  • Draw or color
  • Read a book
  • Play a game
  • Make slime
  • Take a bath
  • Make homemade play dough
  • Write a letter
  • Go for a walk
  • Play with Chalk
  • Play hopscotch
  • Learn a new card game
  • Build a Lego tower
  • Have a fun movie night
  • Download Free printable to color
  • Watch a scientific video
  • Try watercolor or finger painting
  • Exercise
  • Write your own book
  • Clean your room
  • Play eye spy
  • Bake cookies
  • Try a science experiment!
  • Plant a garden
  • Build a fort
  • Read a book backwards

Free Printables!

Here’s a list of a few free printables that we currently offer. Check back for more as this will be updated!

More Free Resources

If you are also looking for free learning resources or even tips for free homeschool options, check out the info below!

Check out this post for more free learning resources!

activities for kids

Free Coloring Page Heart Printable For Kids

Free coloring page alert! Looking for boredom busters for your little ones? Download this fun coloring page for your kids!

I love learning how to create free printables for other families to enjoy. I have been creating them for my own kids to use in our homechool journey.

Today, this printable focuses on an easy heart coloring page while encouraging kids to practice counting 1 through 4! Simple and fun! You could create multiple pages and have the kids focusing on different colors. One page full of green hearts for St. Patrick’s Day, one page full of rainbow colors, etc. Have fun with it!

Free Coloring Page Printable

Download your free preschool math heart printable for your kids right here!

Free Coloring Page

We also have other free printables geared towards the early years! Check them out here. For more free learning resources, check out our post on 11 free resources for your family!

Homeschooling in Arkansas

This information is intended for information purposes only!

If you have made the decision to homeschool in Arkansas, you may be wondering where to start.

Check Out The Education Alliance

Thankfully, we have the incredible Education Alliance that will help you to get started on the right path. The EA has information on how to start homeschooling, keeping up with high school transcripts and information on homeschool graduations held throughout the state. It is crucial to make sure you are following state guidelines and they provide this information free of charge!

Start here to learn more about filling out an intent to homeschool which is required by Arkansas law!

Check Out Arkansas State Laws Through HSLDA

You can read more information regarding the state laws in Arkansas. They are another great resource for homeschool families that are just starting their journey.

Check Out Homeschool Groups

There is no shortage of homeschool groups in the state of Arkansas. Homeschool groups are a great way to meet other homeschool families, participate in field trips, etc. To find these groups, check on facebook by typing in your city plus homeschool group. You can also ask local online community groups for direction.

Even our state parks provide homeschool classes and activities throughout the year. You can check them out here.

More Thoughts Homeschooling in Arkansas

I’ve created a list of FREE resources for homeschool families that include curriculum options and free printables. You may also want to check my article on How to Homeschool on A Budget!

My best advice to you is to first learn the legal aspects of homeschooling and then ask a few trusted friends what curriculum that they love. This will help you to start narrowing down your style and curriculum choices.

There are also tons of homeschool curriculum reviews on YouTube!

homeschooling in Arkansas