Creative Writing Prompts

Check out this list of writing prompts! This is a great way to de-stress and get your emotions on to paper!

21 Writing Prompts

Here’s a simple list of 21 ideas to get you writing. Try to work through this list one day at a time or even mix up the ideas! You’ll be surprised at how much you have to write about each tops.

  1. Write About Your Favorite School Memory
  2. Write About Your Goals
  3. Write About Your Favorite Holiday
  4. Share insight on people who have changed your life
  5. Share a list of your favorite things
  6. Share your top favorite colors
  7. Share a memory from your favorite vacation
  8. List your favorite ice cream flavors
  9. List your favorite books in order
  10. List your favorite movies
  11. “When this month is over I plan too…”
  12. “When I talk to my spouse I feel…”
  13. “When I go for a walk I like to look for…”
  14. “When I travel I like to collect…”
  15. Try writing a poem
  16. Try writing rhyming words only
  17. Try writing only three words per line
  18. List things that make you happy
  19. List things that make you sad
  20. List things that make you angry
  21. List things that make you excited

Which journal prompt do you think you will start with? Share below! Also, be sure to check out our post on bullet journaling for more ideas!

Happy journaling!

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