Slow Cooker Recipe: Italian Pot Roast

September, in all her crisp glory is here, and that means my slow cooker will get put back into regular routine around here. I’m all about hearty soups, stews, and yes, a delicious pot roast!

A couple of years ago, I stumbled on a variation of the ever popular Butter Roast, but this recipe has Italian seasonings and peppers added. It is the perfect combination of herbs, butter, and juicy meat! Ours is cooking away as I type up the recipe.

And since most folks hate long winded introductions to recipes, I’ll nip it in the bud and get straight to the point…

Slow Cooker Italian Pot Roast

1 Cup Onions, Diced

1 Stick of Butter

1 Packet of Dry Zesty Italian Seasoning

1 Packet of Au Jus

2-3 Pepperocini Peppers

1 Can Beef Broth

1 Roast

Also, I like to line my slow cooker with cooking bags, add the roast, the wet ingredients, and then the seasonings. Let is cook for four hours on high (or six on slow).

This recipe makes its own gravy. So I spoon out the meat and drizzle the leftover gravy on top. It is paired very well with mashed potatoes!

The leftover meat also makes a delicious drip sandwich! Just slather the meat onto hoagie rolls, melt mozzarella or Colby jack cheese on top, and enjoy.

Fall Traditions For Your Family

Cozy sweaters, falling leaves, rainy afternoons, a hint of the holidays to come…

Fall has always been my favorite season, and as I get older, the gentle switch from Summer to Fall brings about all the feelings of nostalgia. And more than anything, I want to soak up and savor these precious moments with my family by creating memories.

Years ago, I created a fall bucket list that brought about new traditions for our little family of four. Now, my five year old looks forward to the changing seasons and all that it entails for us.

Here’s a look at a few simple and low cost ways to create Fall Traditions for your own family:

  1. Go On A Leaf Hunt: This will be our third annual leaf hunt, and it is one that is perfect for kids of all ages. We drive around town looking for the most colorful trees to take pictures, collect leaves for a “leaf bouquet” and then finish the afternoon with coffee & a treat at Starbucks. This is one we all love and look forward too!
  2. Paint Pumpkins: I know carving pumpkins is a regular tradition for many, but our kids love anything that involves paint. You could try painting with sponges or even splatter painting pumpkins for something different! Make it a contest to see who comes up with the most bizarre pumpkin painting.
  3. Bake a New Recipe Together: For us, fall means cozy foods like pumpkin bread and soup that simmers in a crock-pot. Use this season to try a new recipe together and make it a family affair. Kids love learning their way around a kitchen.
  4. Leaf Raking Party: Perhaps there is an elderly couple or a single mom that could use some help with raking leaves. Or just turn your own backyard leaf escapade into a get together. We had a couple of young ladies come help us with our backyard and after the job was done we all enjoyed a round of pizza together
  5. Move Night: Find a fall themed movie that the entire family can enjoy on the first night of fall. It will help set the mood and get everyone excited about the season. Our favorite is It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!
  6. Go Hiking: Fall is the perfect time for long drives and hiking adventures. There are so many colorful landscapes to enjoy. Make it more memorable by collecting rocks, leaves and other nature items to turn it into a gentle learning lesson.
  7. Make S’mores: What’s fall without S’mores? Whether you make them in a oven or cook them over a campfire, it’s a fun way to make memories with the kiddos
  8. Visit A Corn Maze: While everyone sets aside time for a trip to the pumpkin patch, add a visit to a Corn Maze to your list.
  9. Apple Stamping Craft: If you have smaller kids, an apple stamping craft may be the perfect activity for long afternoons at home!
  10. Apple Tasting Party: Pick up apples of different variety, or better yet pick them yourself at a U Pick Farm. Cut and slice each apple for family members to try. Turn it into a taste test game and let everyone rate the apples to see which apple is the most favored!

Most importantly, have fun together and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Learn How to Quickly Explode Your Pinterest Traffic

Hi friends!

Today, I want to share how I took my personal Pinterest account with 6,000 views a month to over 40,000 views in less than three months. My strategy included taking an e-course and joining Pinterest groups!

The Best Tips I’ve Ever Received regarding Pinterest came from an e-course by Megan Johnson called Pinterest Ninja! 

Ya’ll, I was left pretty speechless at my results. But, first, I have to tell you WHY I thought I had wasted my money, so let me back up a bit.

I’ve been blogging off and on for years, and had never really utilized Pinterest to its full protentional. Until now. Now, its the BEST tool for me and has served my blogging business well. Pinterest can help you drive traffic to your web site unlike any other outlet.

Pinterest Ninja was fantastic for several reasons: It takes you step by step through the process of setting up a business account, simple tips for utilizing keywords, how to get your pins to go viral and tons more.

I started out with 6,000 views a month. After implementing the tips I learned through Pinterest Ninja, I dropped to 5,000. However, I continued to implement all that I had learned, maintaining a consistent method, and now have over well over 40,000 views a month. It took less than three months.

That has led to viral pins, tons of web traffic, and an overall new appreciation for Pinterest!

So, yes, please, do yourself a favorite and enroll in Pinterest Ninja today!

Also, if you would like my top three Pinterest Groups to help your pins go viral, be sure to subscribe to my site!!

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Three Tips For Simple Living


I became somewhat obsessed with the idea of simple living long before we had kids. I had never really heard of the term, but in short, the idea was to simplify all areas of life in order to focus on what’s truly important. For me, that means my faith and my family.

Yet, there is one key aspect of simple living that I have only recently learned.

Simple living doesn’t mean that life will never get complicated or messy–it just means that you will be better equipped at what life throws your way!

There are also five areas in life that you can keep at the forefront of your mind that will help you stay on the simple living track:

  • Always keep your paper clutter at bay: In order to keep our papers out from piling on the countertops, I bought a two teared basket to hang on our laundry room wall. I also created an emergency binder for important paperwork that we keep in a safe location.
  • Always keep your car clean: seriously, is there anything more frustrating that running to family get togethers or church only to find that your car reeks of stale French fries? I do a weekly deep clean of our car which takes less than half an hour. I also like to de-clutter the car on Saturday nights before church. Having a peaceful drive on the way to service makes me happy. Really happy. 😉
  • Always keep a running grocery list: Ya’ll, this is my biggest struggle. Sometimes, I try to wing it when I head to the grocery stores. End result? I always forget ingredients and have to go back. Can you say time waster?

Those are some of my best tips for maintaining a simplified life. What are some of yours?

Banned Instagram Hashtags + Shadowban

Oh, Instagram. The one social media network that confuses the techie within us all! Not to mention, it keeps us guessing, ya know?

Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of my fellow IG buds sharing less than stellar trends:

  • Low engagement
  • Blocked Accounts
  • Unable to follow
  • Unable to gain new followers

I did a little research and found out several interesting things.

First off, if you’ve noticed your pics are NOT being liked or noticed much, you may want to double check your hashtags. There are a TON of banned hashtags out there, and if you happen to be using them, your pictures won’t be showing up on keyword feeds.

So, how do you find out if a hashtag is banned? The easiest way is to manually type in your keyword in the Instagram search bar. If the keyword you typed up bring ups a “no match found” message, then most likely it has been banned.

Keep in mind, some keywords are banned for a few days while others are banned infinitely. Or until the Instagram guru’s decide otherwise. 

Also, you may also want to refrain from cheesy hashtags as they are overused and rarely get the pic traffic that you are looking for. Example: #friends, #fun, etc.

Also, another tip? Avoid shadowban (when your account is hidden from other people finding it) on your account when sharing your link to Facebook. Drop your Instagram link, but be sure to delete the “?” from your link and whatever follows it.

Do you have any tips on avoiding shadowban?

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Pinterest Hacks You Should Know

Okay, I love using Pinterest! I use it for both personal and business outlets.

You can use Pinterest to create menu plans, store future DIY projects, and grow traffic for your web site or blog! The list is endless.

There are two big Pinterest hacks you should know that will help you get more traffic to your blog:

Tip One: Pinterest is NOT a social media network!

This is something I’ve noticed in a lot of blogging circles. People will comment on Pinterest as being their favorite social network. Nope! It’s not. It’s actually a search engine. With that knowledge, it totally changes your game plan, doesn’t it? You’ll start to treat it differently.

Start thinking of it as a search engine instead of a social media network and it will change how you use it overall!

Tip Two: Pinterest needs keywords…just like google!

Yep, good ‘ol keywords are important. Let’s say you write a blog on healthy recipes. Your goal is to make sure your entire profile AND pins are saturated (without being spammy, of course) with keywords related to healthy recipes.

Type healthy recipes into Pinterest and see what other niche keywords pop up. That will be a great starting point to knowing what other keywords to use on your post.

Make sure you add keywords to your short pin description, too!

Want to learn how you can double your Pinterest traffic? Read this article.

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What about you? Are you carefully choosing keywords and operating Pinterest as a search engine?

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Two Ways to Declutter Your Life


Learning to simplify life is a passion of mine.

I want to learn how to live simply in order to fully enjoy my life. Less things equal more time to do things that I truly love.

There are two key elements that have helped me purge my lifestyle:

One: I learned to focus on weeding out online clutter.

This may seem crazy, but online clutter can have a huge impact on our minds. There are many ways to go about this, but I’ve chosen to limit the amount of on-line news that I read. I keep up with major headlines, but I forgo reading online debates, comments, etc. So much of that aspect of news is wrapped up in negativity, and I don’t need it!

The next area that I tackled was my e-mail inbox. It’s so easy to let e-mails stack up! I’ve learned to weed through my e-mails and archive them as I go on a near daily basis. This keeps my main inbox empty, while still allowing me to access older e-mails as needed.

Two: I learned to purge calendar clutter.

We live in a world that puts a heavy emphasis on “busy-ness”. Somehow, we equate being busy as being godly. I beg to defer. When I purposely keep white space on our personal calendar, it gives me freedom to spend quality time with my family. That means time for family dinner at the table or fresh air on family nature walks.

I’d rather spend my time doing things that have intentional value rather than filling up my calendar with so many events that I miss the most important things in life.

What areas have you learned to simplify? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


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How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Blog

I really enjoy twitter. I have several accounts that I run and have learned quite a bit over the years!

Learning the ropes has taken lots of time, but once you get the hang of it, it’s such a great place to find encouragement AND to share your blog!

The first thing you need to know about Twitter…

It’s not about the followers. I mean yes, followers are important, but it’s also about Impressions that you receive on your tweets. For example, if you tweet about breakfast that morning without a hashtag, chances are a few of your followers will see it and respond. On the other hand, if you tweet about your breakfast with the hashtag #foodies on it then hundreds and even thousands of people can see your post!

It really is that simple.

The second thing you need to know about Twitter…

It is a bloggers paradise! It’s the perfect place to meet new bloggers, share your links and get blog traffic! I get hits EVERY single time I share a link. I try to share a link to my blog or YouTube channel at least once a day. Start your tweet out with a simple recap on what your post is about, include a link to your blog and be sure to end your tweet with a hashtag or two. Also, if your blog link is too long, you can always shorten it using Bitly!

And for kicks, here’s a day by day list of hashtags to help you get noticed on Twitter:

Monday: #MondayMorning

Tuesday: #TuesdayThoughts

Wednesday: #HappyHumpDay

Thursday: #ThursdayMotivation


Saturday & Sunday: #WeekendVibes #goals

Have you found an awesome go to hashtag for Twitter? Share below!

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How To Start Your Own Blog

In interest of full disclosure, I have been blogging for well over a decade. I’ve had small victories and big victories. I’ve used just about every platform out there.

What can I say? I like to test things and do my own research.

My conclusion?

If you want to start a business, I recommend SiteGround for WordPress.

Going through SiteGround was EASY. I had  my web site up and going in less than an hour! In fact, I had my first article up by the end of the day, and within a month, I had a pin going viral on Pinterest.

Want to start your own side hustle with a web site?

Here’s my quick steps…

Start With  a Basic Plan:

Sign up with SiteGround! They have a step by step process that simplified everything for me.

Once you log into SiteGround, you’ll be asked to pick a particular plan. I recommend starting with  basic plan,then later once you’ve found your groove with blogging you can upgrade your account.

Choose Your Domain Name:

This is your web site address. This is what sets you apart. Ask yourself: What is your goal with your web site? Think of your target audience. For example, I chose Bloggers Share, because I was inspired by the blogging community. So many of my favorite bloggers shared their tips that helped me with my own blogging journey. And now I get to give back by sharing my own tips!

Stick to a niche: 

I highly recommend finding a niche for your blog to center around. Case in point: I blog about blogging, social media, and simple living. I want to be successful with my blog so that I can enjoy a simple life with my family!

Not sure where to start with topics? Here’s  quick list to get you started:

  • Lifestyle Blogs: Centered around faith, family, fashion.
  • Fashion Blogs: Outfit ideas, make up tips, etc.
  • Health Blogs: Healthy recipes, tips, etc.
  • Teaching Blogs: Tutoring tips, learning worksheets, etc.

Once you start a web site, come back and tell me about it! I love getting to know my readers.

This site contains affiliate links. This means I may receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you, if you purchase through one of the links. Thank you for your support and consideration!

Instagram Captions For When Your Mind Goes Blank

I love Instagram. It is defiantly my go to for social media. It’s hands down the most encouraging community and such a great outlet to find inspiration! With that said, its also my go to place to share pretty pictures.

What can I say? I love taking photos. It’s my art and my outlet. But, it an also be tricky coming up with Instagram captions for every single photo. But, I learned a really cool trick: have a “go to” list for title generators!

Note: I try to share from the heart, but sometimes, I just want to share a photo with a fun caption.

Here’s a list of 13 tips to help inspire you to write better Instagram captions!

  • Share a favorite quote!
  • List five of your favorite things.
  • Ask a question (be genuine!)
  • Share a fun tip related to your niche.
  • State a funny fact about yourself.
  • Give a shout out to your favorite Instagram accounts!
  • Review a movie, book or magazine you recently read.
  • Share your #1 piece of advice for life.
  • Share a favorite scripture!
  • Share snippet from a favorite song or poem.
  • Write an entire sentence using just emojis! (It’s a lot of fun!)
  • Share your testimony!
  • Remanence on a favorite memory from childhood.

Do you enjoy Instagram?