Fall Traditions For Your Family

Cozy sweaters, falling leaves, rainy afternoons, a hint of the holidays to come…

Fall has always been my favorite season, and as I get older, the gentle switch from Summer to Fall brings about all the feelings of nostalgia. And more than anything, I want to soak up and savor these precious moments with my family by creating memories.

Years ago, I created a fall bucket list that brought about new traditions for our little family of four. Now, my five year old looks forward to the changing seasons and all that it entails for us.

Here’s a look at a few simple and low cost ways to create Fall Traditions for your own family:

  1. Go On A Leaf Hunt: This will be our third annual leaf hunt, and it is one that is perfect for kids of all ages. We drive around town looking for the most colorful trees to take pictures, collect leaves for a “leaf bouquet” and then finish the afternoon with coffee & a treat at Starbucks. This is one we all love and look forward too!
  2. Paint Pumpkins: I know carving pumpkins is a regular tradition for many, but our kids love anything that involves paint. You could try painting with sponges or even splatter painting pumpkins for something different! Make it a contest to see who comes up with the most bizarre pumpkin painting.
  3. Bake a New Recipe Together: For us, fall means cozy foods like pumpkin bread and soup that simmers in a crock-pot. Use this season to try a new recipe together and make it a family affair. Kids love learning their way around a kitchen.
  4. Leaf Raking Party: Perhaps there is an elderly couple or a single mom that could use some help with raking leaves. Or just turn your own backyard leaf escapade into a get together. We had a couple of young ladies come help us with our backyard and after the job was done we all enjoyed a round of pizza together
  5. Move Night: Find a fall themed movie that the entire family can enjoy on the first night of fall. It will help set the mood and get everyone excited about the season. Our favorite is It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!
  6. Go Hiking: Fall is the perfect time for long drives and hiking adventures. There are so many colorful landscapes to enjoy. Make it more memorable by collecting rocks, leaves and other nature items to turn it into a gentle learning lesson.
  7. Make S’mores: What’s fall without S’mores? Whether you make them in a oven or cook them over a campfire, it’s a fun way to make memories with the kiddos
  8. Visit A Corn Maze: While everyone sets aside time for a trip to the pumpkin patch, add a visit to a Corn Maze to your list.
  9. Apple Stamping Craft: If you have smaller kids, an apple stamping craft may be the perfect activity for long afternoons at home!
  10. Apple Tasting Party: Pick up apples of different variety, or better yet pick them yourself at a U Pick Farm. Cut and slice each apple for family members to try. Turn it into a taste test game and let everyone rate the apples to see which apple is the most favored!

Most importantly, have fun together and create memories that will last a lifetime.