Learn How to Quickly Explode Your Pinterest Traffic

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Today, I want to share how I took my personal Pinterest account with 6,000 views a month to over 40,000 views in less than three months. My strategy included taking an e-course and joining Pinterest groups!

The Best Tips I’ve Ever Received regarding Pinterest came from an e-course by Megan Johnson called Pinterest Ninja! 

Ya’ll, I was left pretty speechless at my results. But, first, I have to tell you WHY I thought I had wasted my money, so let me back up a bit.

I’ve been blogging off and on for years, and had never really utilized Pinterest to its full protentional. Until now. Now, its the BEST tool for me and has served my blogging business well. Pinterest can help you drive traffic to your web site unlike any other outlet.

Pinterest Ninja was fantastic for several reasons: It takes you step by step through the process of setting up a business account, simple tips for utilizing keywords, how to get your pins to go viral and tons more.

I started out with 6,000 views a month. After implementing the tips I learned through Pinterest Ninja, I dropped to 5,000. However, I continued to implement all that I had learned, maintaining a consistent method, and now have over well over 40,000 views a month. It took less than three months.

That has led to viral pins, tons of web traffic, and an overall new appreciation for Pinterest!

So, yes, please, do yourself a favorite and enroll in Pinterest Ninja today!

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Pinterest Hacks You Should Know

Okay, I love using Pinterest! I use it for both personal and business outlets.

You can use Pinterest to create menu plans, store future DIY projects, and grow traffic for your web site or blog! The list is endless.

There are two big Pinterest hacks you should know that will help you get more traffic to your blog:

Tip One: Pinterest is NOT a social media network!

This is something I’ve noticed in a lot of blogging circles. People will comment on Pinterest as being their favorite social network. Nope! It’s not. It’s actually a search engine. With that knowledge, it totally changes your game plan, doesn’t it? You’ll start to treat it differently.

Start thinking of it as a search engine instead of a social media network and it will change how you use it overall!

Tip Two: Pinterest needs keywords…just like google!

Yep, good ‘ol keywords are important. Let’s say you write a blog on healthy recipes. Your goal is to make sure your entire profile AND pins are saturated (without being spammy, of course) with keywords related to healthy recipes.

Type healthy recipes into Pinterest and see what other niche keywords pop up. That will be a great starting point to knowing what other keywords to use on your post.

Make sure you add keywords to your short pin description, too!

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What about you? Are you carefully choosing keywords and operating Pinterest as a search engine?

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