10 Clever Ways to Save Money

Learning to save money is important for everyone! Today, we’ve got a few simple tips for saving money on your every day bills.

#1 Shop Around For New Insurance

It happens to everyone-you get your Insurance bill in the mail and once it again it has gone up in price. You can call and ask for a price adjustment or call different insurance companies. Tell them what you are hoping to save and many companies will work with you to crunch numbers. Last year, I saved us an extra $45 a month just by asking around for better rates.

#2 Consider Using A Gas Card or Gas App

When it comes to paying for gas, it can really cause havoc on your monthly budget. Consider getting a gas car to local grocery stores to save money or download an app that give you the best local gas prices.

#3 Learn To Shop Second Hand

I know, it’s fun to go to the store and buy new items. But, what if you could find the same item nearly new for half the cost? I love to use online yard sales and consignment sales to find items on my wish list at a fraction of the cost.

#4 Consider Using Store Apps For Savings

Most stores these days offer apps for your phone. When you download the app they will often give you discounts or coupon codes that can be used for future purchases. I was able to save an extra $4 by using my favorite store app on a random purchase that I needed to make.

$5 Shop Online When You Can

By shopping online for your basic house supplies you are lowering your risk of buying items that you don’t need. This also allows you to do a simple shop and comparison on prices.

#6 Consider Switching Your Phone and Network providers

Have you checked on your phone bill lately? Is there another network available? Checking up on your phone bills on a regular basis is always helpful and can save you money.

#7 Always Double Check Receipts

This step is so important. There have been many instances when an item is being displayed at a discount price only to ring up for full price (and even higher). I will often check prices as they are scanning and request customer service management to help out if the price is ringing up differently.

#8 Utilize Dollar Stores

There are so many random good deals located at the local dollar store. Cleaning supplies, craft supplies, organizational items, canned goods, etc. Every dollar saved is a dollar earned!

#9 Buy Bulk When You Can

I love buying bulk when I can. Paper products and meats are typically my go to items as they ring up much lower than a regular purchase.

#10 Find Cost Effective Meal Plans

Do you use meal planning? The amount of money that we save when I faithfully utilize meal planning is one of my favorite ways to save money. Learn to rotate meals around meat is on sale and around produce that is in season to save money.