Three Tips For Simple Living


I became somewhat obsessed with the idea of simple living long before we had kids. I had never really heard of the term, but in short, the idea was to simplify all areas of life in order to focus on what’s truly important. For me, that means my faith and my family.

Yet, there is one key aspect of simple living that I have only recently learned.

Simple living doesn’t mean that life will never get complicated or messy–it just means that you will be better equipped at what life throws your way!

There are also five areas in life that you can keep at the forefront of your mind that will help you stay on the simple living track:

  • Always keep your paper clutter at bay: In order to keep our papers out from piling on the countertops, I bought a two teared basket to hang on our laundry room wall. I also created an emergency binder for important paperwork that we keep in a safe location.
  • Always keep your car clean: seriously, is there anything more frustrating that running to family get togethers or church only to find that your car reeks of stale French fries? I do a weekly deep clean of our car which takes less than half an hour. I also like to de-clutter the car on Saturday nights before church. Having a peaceful drive on the way to service makes me happy. Really happy. 😉
  • Always keep a running grocery list: Ya’ll, this is my biggest struggle. Sometimes, I try to wing it when I head to the grocery stores. End result? I always forget ingredients and have to go back. Can you say time waster?

Those are some of my best tips for maintaining a simplified life. What are some of yours?

Two Ways to Declutter Your Life


Learning to simplify life is a passion of mine.

I want to learn how to live simply in order to fully enjoy my life. Less things equal more time to do things that I truly love.

There are two key elements that have helped me purge my lifestyle:

One: I learned to focus on weeding out online clutter.

This may seem crazy, but online clutter can have a huge impact on our minds. There are many ways to go about this, but I’ve chosen to limit the amount of on-line news that I read. I keep up with major headlines, but I forgo reading online debates, comments, etc. So much of that aspect of news is wrapped up in negativity, and I don’t need it!

The next area that I tackled was my e-mail inbox. It’s so easy to let e-mails stack up! I’ve learned to weed through my e-mails and archive them as I go on a near daily basis. This keeps my main inbox empty, while still allowing me to access older e-mails as needed.

Two: I learned to purge calendar clutter.

We live in a world that puts a heavy emphasis on “busy-ness”. Somehow, we equate being busy as being godly. I beg to defer. When I purposely keep white space on our personal calendar, it gives me freedom to spend quality time with my family. That means time for family dinner at the table or fresh air on family nature walks.

I’d rather spend my time doing things that have intentional value rather than filling up my calendar with so many events that I miss the most important things in life.

What areas have you learned to simplify? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


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