How to Increase Blog Traffic with Twitter

Twitter is a gold mine for bloggers! It is such a great way to generate traffic, develop relationships and get to know brands. With a few simple steps on learning about Twitter marketing and Twitter trending habits, you will be well on your way with this simple social marketing strategy.

I have been using Twitter for years for both personal and work related outlets. I have to say on the work front it provides many wonderful ways to connect with potential readers and clients. Today, I’m going to share a few tips to help you utilize your full potential with a Twitter presence.

#1 It’s NOT about your number of followers!

Hear me when I say you do want to grow your followers, but don’t get hung up on your numbers or ignore this social media outlet just because you have a small amount of followers.


The simple answer is that you can still reach hundreds of people through your tweets by using hashtags. I personally believe that hashtags are way more credible and important than say on Instagram and Facebook (again not saying they are not important on those platforms, they are just much more user friendly.)

Case in point: I needed to create a new profile (re-branding and all that) and after a few days I only had a handful of followers. It’s humbling to start from scratch, but I still wanted to utilize it. I started sharing tweets with links back to my blog and faithfully used hashtags. I had less than 40 followers, but one of my tweets reached over 100 people! It was then re-tweeted which had potential of reaching who know how many more.

#2 Get To Know Those Awesome Hashtags!

The cool thing about twitter, is when you have a topic you want to tweet about, you can start a hashtag and Twitter will give you recommendations on what to tweet. Why is this helpful? Because on that list, Twitter will let you know what hashtags are trending. This is extremely important for getting a wider audience. Try to have a least one popular hashtag on the Twitter trending bandwagon!

#3 Mix Up Your Style of Tweets

Another things that I have noticed over the years, that it is important to mix up your tweets. You don’t want every tweet to link back to your web site. Mix it up with quotes, images and then tweet back with your latest blog posts. This helps you diversify and reach an even wider potential audience. This will help you to grow your following organically.

Combine these Twitter tips with your Pinterest Marketing Strategy and you will be well on your way to building an excellent online presence.